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Who We Are

Innovators, developers, requirement gatherers – we’ve created a tool to streamline the requirements gathering process to save you time and money.

requiment requirements gathering software

About Requiment

Requiment is a new product created by Pulsion Technology to meet what we recognised as a market demand for an effective requirements gathering software. The product was developed using our experience in both project management and software development.

This ensured that development considered all aspects of delivering software projects, from the perspective of creating and managing project plans to the information needed by developers to produce the product.

About Pulsion

With over 26 years experience in software development, Pulsion undertakes a wide range of projects across sectors including custom software development, cloud migration, AI and machine learning, mobile app development, and web design and development.

This breadth of experience is reflected in Requiment where we have used our expertise to create a product that we are deeply proud of. We have used Requiment ourselves on projects we are delivering which allows us to say that what we have created is a truly unique product that will revolutionise how you gather requirements.

requiment requirements gathering software

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