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Innovators, developers, requirement gatherers – we’ve created a tool to streamline the requirements gathering process to save you time and money.

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About Requiment

Requiment is a new product created by Pulsion Technology to meet what we recognised as a market demand for an effective requirements gathering software. The product was developed using our experience in both project management and software development.

This ensured that development considered all aspects of delivering software projects, from the perspective of creating and managing project plans to the information needed by developers to produce the product.

Where We Came From

Hey there –

I’m John McGuire, over the last 35 years, I have been working within the software development industry. Since 1995 I have been the founder and managing director of Pulsion Technology – the business that created Requiment.

Throughout my career I have been responsible for successfully delivering hundreds of digital solutions across many public and private sector organisations. In my experience, there is one area of software development that is severely undervalued and not given the attention it deserves – requirements gathering.

In our own company, if there was a project overrun, it became clear to me that the root of these issues was a lack of detailed requirements. The requirements gathering phase was neglected and many details were missed at the start of the project. Too often assumptions were made resulting in the requirements being unstructured and lacking in detail.

It became apparent this is an industry wide issue. Research indicates, 9/10 major digital projects experience overruns. Moreover, 80% of rework can be traced to requirements defects.

Despite these statistics, 70% of organisations still do not take effective action to adequately improve the quality of their requirements. Considering requirements gathering is the greatest pitfall in software development and costs the industry millions a year, we still do not pay enough attention to them. Further research also indicated that requirements gathering is critically overlooked and under-taught. This is apparent within the literature available on the subject and the lack of focus on this in university syllabuses.

Recognising this as an industry wide issue, we created Requiment; a requirements gathering and management tool. Requiment guides you through prepared questions to determine a full and detailed requirement specification and project scope based on outcomes. This application acts as a virtual business analyst, guiding users through the requirements process, whilst providing insight and recommendations to the user based on the type of application being designed as well as trends from other users. Ultimately, our mission with Requiment is to make the process of software requirements capture more accurate, agile and efficient leading to more successful projects.

Do you agree? Try Requiment on your next project and see the difference it can make.

John McGuire

Founder & MD

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